During the early 90’s, centering around Professor Su-Tae Kim, Head of the Korea branch of World Congress of ASHBPS, and Professor Yong-Hyun Park, General Affairs Manager, the Korea branch was much more activated and the research quality of the relevant field enhanced. To prepare the bedrock to increase the Korea and global status of this field, bond of sympathy has been created for superior surgeons to exchange information more often and to network. While, in October 1992, during the ASHBPS Congress board meeting in Tokyo, Japan, Professor Yong-Hyun Park successfully persuaded the representatives to hold the 3rd ASHBPS Congress in Seoul, Korea in 1995. At that time, Professor Yong-Hyun Park, ASHBPS department acting executive committee member, Professor Su-Tae Kim and Professor Hyuk-Sang Lee, held the 'Korea ASHBPS Research Initiator' in November 6, 1992. In addition, organizing committee of the Seoul symposium was formed.

In February 1993, the ‘First ASHBPS study group’ started at Seoul National University. Each year, two symposiums were conducted to improve the quality of the study group. Centering this study group, 3rd ASHBPS Congress was held in Seoul, Korea on September 27-30, 1995 at Lotte Hotel. 535 professionals from 15 countries participated in special lecture, symposium, and speech. 324 speeches were successfully held.

To promote more participation and to exchange improved human resource, material resource knowledge and information, ‘Korea ASHBPS Congress’ was officially registered in April 1996. After that and until now, two symposiums are being held each year, and 2 journals are being published to promote good fellowship and exchange information. Research in this field and medical quality has now reached a high status globally.


More information: https://www.ihpba.org/67_Korea-National-Chapter.html